Denis and Lisa Markus

I wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed working with Susan Helton. This is our fifth home purchase and by far the best! During our search for a home we interviewed four real estate agents to find the right fit for us, then my wife called Susan and we found our new agent. Susan was so much more professional, courteous, considerate, and was not focused on her own commission, as we felt the other agents were solely focused on. We felt like we had a friend helping us find our new family home.

Susan was patient, impartial, experienced and gave us the space to feel comfortable with our search and eventual purchase. Also, Susan was masterful in communicating between all parties and made my requests sound much more eloquent and ‘win/win’ focused than I ever could. It was like having a Public Relations Manager to manage my image, and I now I think I really need one. Susan’s approach helped the seller and us work out a lot more details than I ever have in the past. I met the seller on the closing day and made a new friend.

Susan followed up after closing to see how things were going and provided additional information and support – that’s crazy!, but very much appreciated. Thank you.

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